Restore or replace? What to expect after a house fire

What to expect after a house fire

Once you are able to safely enter your home following a house fire, it is naturally devastating to see the damage firsthand. Saving the stuff in your home seems impossible. Everything is covered in thick soot. Your walls and carpet reek of smoke, and there’s water damage from extinguishing the flames. Where do you start? Should the goal be to restore or replace your belongings? One thing is certain, you need to enlist the help of a professional fire restoration service.

Restoring your belongings

From clothing to keepsakes, furniture to family heirlooms, items near and dear to your heart truly complete your home. Instead of saying goodbye to your things, hire an experienced professional fire restoration company, like Del Mar Builders located south of Chicago in suburban Homewood, to clean your possessions free from soot and smoke.

Del Mar’s team of specialists

  • respond to emergency situations 24-hours a day when you call 1-800-298-0900
  • take a great deal of care in determining the items that may be salvaged
  • work with your insurance agency to assess and document your losses and damages
  • remove hazardous toxins and chemicals from your home after the fire
  • clean up widespread flooding left from the firefighting efforts
  • carefully clean, deodorize, and store your contents during your home’s fire restoration

Items beyond restoration

Unfortunately, fires often lead to irreparable damage. Homeowners facing disasters depend on Del Mar Builders. Whether your home is badly damaged or needs minor repair, call Del Mar to

  • Securely tarp off roof repairs to deter rodents
  • Board up damaged windows to keep intruders from entering your home
  • Expertly design and rebuild your home with attention to craftsmanship Fire -restoration DelMar

If you have experienced a house fire or know someone in the Chicagoland area who has, please visit to learn how Del Mar Builders has been rebuilding lives and homes for 40 years.

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By Holly Kelsven | January 29, 2021 | News