5 reasons why you should hire a board-up company

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Board-up Company

So, a fire has damaged your house or office. Therefore, you are looking for a Chicago fire damage restoration company that offers board-up services. Of course, we understand how traumatizing the situation can be. It is natural to want to drop everything and fix what you can when you see any kind of damage to your property. However, it’s important that you hire a reliable board-up company to protect your property until a contractor repairs your fire damaged property. Here are five reasons why you should not board-up your home yourself.

Help Protect Your Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies require you to hire professionals to do the job. They do not want shoddy repair work done that could affect the value of the insured property. Moreover, you will have to submit proof of damage and receipts for board-up work verifying relevant expenses when you file a claim. Consequently, the insurance company will reimburse you for those expenses. A poor board-up job may make it hard to claim all the money you deserve. Also, some board-up companies deal with insurance companies directly. It could take the burden off your shoulders and make it easier to settle your claim at its full value.

You Should Hire a Board-Up Company Because It Is a Safe Option

Certainly, repairing a broken window or door might not look like a major project. Nevertheless, it can hurt your claim if you try to repair it on your own. Of course, if you search the web, you will find dozens of DIY articles on how to repair damaged windows, doors, and roofs. However, it’s important that you don’t attempt to do the repairs unless you have the required expertise. For instance, specialized tools and gear may be required to do the job. Dealing with broken glass, shards and other debris can be very dangerous. In short, a professional board-up company will have all the tools needed to get the job done quickly and safely.

You Should Hire a Board-Up Company Because It Can Be a Money Saver

This might sound like a surprise to some, but hiring a professional board-up company can turn out to be a money saver. They will charge you for their services but you’ll be saving money in the long-run. Managing things on your own can be very costly. You will have to buy or rent tools, which will add to the cost. Also, you may have to read dozens of articles and watch numerous videos to learn to install the boarding, yet still make a lot of mistakes. A job that will take you a few days to complete can be done by a professional in just a few hours. This is very important because the longer you take to repair your damaged house, the riskier it will get. Moreover, if you do a poor job and your property is further damaged, the insurance company may reduce your claim payment. Additionally, another company may have to be hired to re-do the work you did. Most likely, the insurance company will not pay for that work.

Less Effort and Risk

Installing emergency tarp, repairing broken shingles, or nailing plywood can be both risky and difficult. In addition, it is common for people to end up damaging the structure while doing the job. Consequently, to reduce the risk, it is best that you allow professionals to perform board-up services.

Hiring a Board-Up Company Can Be Good For the Future

A board-up company will not only repair the damaged structure but also assess the damage to your home or business, Moreover, it will identify all damaged areas. Since tarping and other board-up services are temporary repairs, it is important that you get the damage to your property assessed. This will help you understand how long it will take to fully repair your property. Remember, board-up repairs are only temporary. You will eventually need to hire a fire and smoke damage restoration company to do the job. Having one by your side from the beginning will make the restoration process easier.

How to Find a Reliable Board-Up Company

There are dozens of board-up companies offering home restoration services, fire damage restoration services, flood restoration services, mold removal, and more. You need to work with a Chicago fire damage restoration company that is affordable, reliable, and professional.
We have been in the business for years and have worked with both commercial and residential clients. Whether you need emergency services or rebuilding, we are the best damage restoration company. Call 1 (800) 298-0900 to speak to an agent.

By Holly Kelsven | June 15, 2022 | News
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