Gas Leak Repairs: How To Ensure Safety

Gas Leak Repairs

Gas Leak Repairs

What Causes Gas Leaks And Preventing Damage With Gas Leak Repairs

According to PHMA, more than 2,700 gas leaks have been reported across the USA since 2010 causing a significant number of deaths and injuries, alongside considerable property damage. You must do all you can to avoid gas leaks, including performing gas leak repairs.

A leak can result in fires, explosions, and natural gas poisoning. In this article, we’ll talk about ensuring safety when dealing with gas leak repairs.

Before we start discussing safety measures, it is necessary to be informed about all possible causes of a gas leak so you can reduce the risk of a leak.

Here are some of the main causes of a gas leak:

Defective Piping

Piping is one of the major culprits. Poor installation can result in leaks. Plus, it is common for piping to get loose over time and cause the seal to wear off. In both cases, it can easily cause a gas leak which could be harmful if not dealt with right away.

An easy way to deal with defective piping is to reseal the pipes by using pipe or epoxy putty. However, this is a temporary fix and you might want to contact a gas plumber right away to perform gas leak repairs.

Neglecting Or Misusing Appliances

Gas Safe Register reports that 1 in 6 American households harbor risky appliances. As a result, not maintaining your gas appliances properly or misusing them can negatively affect your gas lines, causing a leak and, in serious cases, an explosion.

Regularly clean your gas appliances (central heating system, stoves, boilers, water heaters, etc) and use them only when needed.

Lack Of Ventilation

Poor ventilation or faulty exhaust fans can cause clogged vents and chimneys, thus leading to gas build-ups and, ultimately, critical leaks.

Replacing damaged exhaust fans and maintaining a clean ventilation system can help avoid gas leaks.

Extra Tips For Preventing Gas Leaks:

  • Educate yourself and the people around you and learn about the signs of a gas leak and ways to prevent it.
  • Make sure that emergency services’ contacts are easily accessible.
  • Schedule inspections to check that all gas appliances are running smoothly.
  • Keep at least 2-3 fire extinguishers readily available at all times.

Signs That You Require Gas Leak Repairs

Now that you’re aware of the causes, let’s talk about some signs that will help you determine the presence of a gas leak.

  • The smell of sulfur, rotten eggs, and petrol
  • Dead or wilting plants
  • Hissing or whistling sounds coming from pipelines or appliances
  • Traces of air bubbles in standing water
  • Unusual dry spots on the ground
  • High gas bills
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing issues
  • Nosebleeds
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and nausea

Be on the lookout for these indicators and exercise caution when dealing with a possible gas leak. However, remember that just because you notice these signs, it doesn’t mean there is a gas leak. They could be due to other reasons as well and only a professional can help you determine if there’s a gas leak.

How To Ensure Safety

Do not attempt to take control of things as gas leaks are hazardous and can lead to serious issues. Contact a professional and follow these tips:

Notify people

When in the presence of a gas leak, notify all people in the surrounding area of the leak and ask them to evacuate. In a commercial setting, you can use the alarm. In a residential setting, it might be a good idea to call people but make sure to be quick. Furthermore, if it’s a major leak then inform your neighbors as well.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear protective gear before going anywhere near the leak. The proper gear includes overalls , safety goggles for eye protection, a face shield, safety gloves, safety apron, and safety footwear.

Also, it is best that you let pros take care of things. At Get Delmar, we have all the tools needed to deal with a gas leak. Contact us today to know more about how we can help you.

Shut Down Gas Supply

To prevent any further leakage, shut down the source of the gas supply right away. You can do this by going to the gas meter and locating the gas safety shut-off valve. Turn it at a right angle to the pipe and that will switch it off.

Locate The Leak

Now, detect where the leak is and try to stop it. If there is a leak in the gas supply, you can tighten any leaking connections to put a stop to the leakage.

Moreover, for a leak in any part of the cylinder, you can tighten the packing nut.

If nothing works, place the cylinder in a well-ventilated space and leave the area immediately.

Again, while these tips can prove to be helpful, it is not recommended to follow these unless you have the required gear and experience.

Manage Corrosive Materials

Try to keep all corrosive, combustible, and flammable materials away from the area of the leak to avoid the breakout of a fire or explosion.

Evacuate And Contact Emergency Services

Once everyone has been evacuated, contact emergency services. Wait for a professional plumber and other appropriate emergency services to arrive. Steer clear of the area until it is declared safe to enter again.

Remember never to underestimate a gas leak and do not make the mistake of delaying gas leak repairs. Remember, safety comes first.

By Holly Kelsven | November 4, 2022 | News
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