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5on BirdEye,Jul 13, 2021


I called these guys after first seeing the work that they did at my neighbors home and decided to give them a try. I must admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning because they didn't keep the appointment time that was set. After I reached out to them and I expressed my concern regarding the importance of communication the project manager Brendan was very apologetic and from then on was point with all my phone calls and emails. It took the guys two days to complete the work because of the heavy raining, however I was pleasantly pleased at the craftsmanship the crew displayed not to mention the great job that they did. My wife and I would definitely recommend them and are now getting a quote to remodel our bathroom.

5on Google,Jul 11, 2021


Vance did an excellent job helping me through the repairs to my roof, siding, and fence after they were damaged from a wind storm. He did great legwork finding the right materials to match my older home. When there were issues of lack of response/funding from my insurance he helped get the needed funds. Repairs are done and you can’t tell what was the original and where the repairs are. Great work! Thanks Vance

5on BirdEye,Jun 09, 2021


Del Mar was referred to me through my insurance company for a sizeable fire damage loss. My first meeting was with Eddie and Mike, but it was Eddie who I worked with closely throughout the process. Eddie was prompt, responsive, effective and helpful. He answered all my questions throughout the process, and would even reply afterhours, including weekends. Our project was fairly large and detailed. It required a great deal of coordination between me, Del Mar, the insurance company, the mortgage company and the contractors. Eddie helped make this process manageable. Given the pandemic, we initially ran into timing issues, but all things considered, the project was completed timely. The quality of work is solid. The finishes are very detailed. One stand out quality for any company is the ability to work through difficulties that arise and while we didn’t encounter any major difficulties, even the small ones were handled effectively and quickly. I really appreciated having a single point of contact as well. While it is my hope to never meet Del Mar again under these circumstances, if I considered a project for my home, I would certainly consider Del Mar.

5on Google,May 28, 2021


We had a fire in 2014 and Del Mar came out with their team, lead by Ryan Deyoung and Andy. Ryan devised a plan to totally repair my home and Andy and his team delivered a beautiful product. My wife and I were so please with their work. This year we hired them again to make more repairs after a car tore into the front of my home. Again Ryan Deyoung came in with his team of miracle workers and again. They knocked it out the park. I now have a more beautiful home thanks to Mike and Ryan and their team of professional and courteous craftsman. I'm very pleased with their work. I believe if you chose Del Mar to do work on your home you'll be just as satisfied as I am.

5on Google,May 28, 2021


Vance lead our repair team and has done an outstanding job from beginning to end. Great communication, prompt repairs, the few touch ups needed (nothing big) were taken care of quickly and without question. If we ever need interior drywall work done again I will definitely use Del Mar and will request Vance to lead the team. Thanks again for everything!

5on Google,May 19, 2021


I love these guys! These guys are amazing. Finished my remodel in way less time than I could ever imagined. Highly professional would recommend to anyone. Thank You!

5on BirdEye,May 03, 2021


Del Mar Builder repaired my roof the adjuster was knowledgeable, polite and prompt on his appointment. The job was completed on time as stated on the contract, I am very pleased with their work and Profrssional businesses.

5on Google,May 01, 2021

Joyce E

They repaired my roof on home and detached garage. Grey was very personable and patient. He answered all of my questions.. The work from initial call to finished product was very quick.

5on BirdEye,May 01, 2021


They replaced our damaged roof on home and detached garage. Quick process from initial contact to finished product. Grey was very personable and handled every question with patience.

5on Google,Apr 24, 2021


My insurance company hooked me up with DelMar. I was very impressed from the beginning. I reported my claim on the 22nd of February within an hour I got the call from DelMar. The project manager Brendan, was awesome. He kept me informed on the project. He could not have sent a better crew. I've had a lot of contractors over many years and this company by far is the absolute best. Arthur and Darius are beyond amazing, so very detailed , hard working and very polite. When they left the end of each day they left my home in excellent condition couldn't even tell they were there. Cleaned every area they worked in. If I need even a picture hung I will call them because I know it will be centered and straight. No hurrying to get the job done. That's how I like it. Very efficient and professional. I will DEFINITELY be calling DelMar in the near future. Every person I had contact with has been absolutely wonderful. When you run into people like this it's like you hit the lottery. Great work DelMar. Look forward to working with you again. Most definitely will recommenx to others.

5on BirdEye,Apr 23, 2021


My home insurance connected me with Del Mar to do repairs after a water leak occurred in my finished basement. Construction foreman Adam was approachable, knowledgeable, and always in a good mood. Project manager Brendan was always looking out for my house. There were no surprises with costs and he bent over backwards to find the one-off matching materials that are to be expected with partial repairs. I appreciate Brendan's job position so much that I'm having Del Mar come back and do some updates upstairs as well.

5on BirdEye,Apr 23, 2021


Good Evening!!! My name is Nicole & I’m a homeowner at The Fairways & also an Association Board Member. My home is currently being worked on & although it’s not finished as of today I really need to acknowledge your employees. The painters, John & Charles have been the most kindness & professional!!! They have answered all of my questions in addition to doing an excellent job not only painting, but keeping up with the daily upkeep of my home while I’m away at work. At first I was uneasy with leaving strangers in my home, but I have felt the most comfortable since Day 1 with the both of these gentlemen! Juan, the drywall finisher did an excellent job as well & he really did an awesome job vacuuming the dust & drywall material all over my bedroom & pantry floor. I appreciate being able to come home from a long day’s work & not have to clean up behind workers. Ryan has been an awesome communicator as I have had plenty of questions & concerns regarding the daily process of the steps it would take to “complete” my home. I’ve text him almost on a daily basis & I never felt as if I was being too unnecessarily troubling. He always text or called me from Day 1 of meeting him face to face. Lindsay, whom I never met face to face only on the telephone was so warm & friendly! She welcomed me to DelMar & also answered a lot of my questions. I’m a very detailed individual & I don’t like surprises and she made me feel comfortable with the workers I would come in contact with. Lastly, Eddie too from his original walk through with me of my home damages was professional & honest and I never felt taken advantage of as a woman regardless of my personal insurance adjuster findings. He too verified questions I had in the beginning regarding finances. He took late evening calls & even returned late evening questions. With a team like this I will definitely pass along DelMar Construction to all my friends, colleagues & family!!!! I am planning on wanting to do more upkeep in my home in the future & I would love to use you guys again! I’m sure between tonight and prayerfully tomorrow (if my home will be finished) that my opinions of your team won’t change especially since it’s been static since Day 1. Enjoy your evening! Sincerely, Nicole, M.A. & B.A. Sent from my iPhone

5on Google,Apr 22, 2021


We had a very pleasant experience with Del Mar Builders. Very efficient & professional. We loved our project manager Vance! He was very responsive & answered ALL my questions I had in a very timely manner. He absolutely made this experience a breeze! I would definitely recommend Del Mar Builders.

5on Google,Apr 22, 2021


Very pleased with the work that was done repairing my garage. The work was completed in a vary timely manner!

5on BirdEye,Apr 22, 2021


Very pleased with the work that was done repairing my garage. was completed in a vary timely manner.

5on Google,Apr 22, 2021


Good job fixing water damaged ceiling. Prompt and professional.

5on BirdEye,Apr 21, 2021

Ed and

We had severe water damage to 3 levels of our home from an ice dam in March. Our insurance company got us connected with Del Mar Construction and the fixed all of our problems inside and out with professionalism. Our project manager, Brendan, was always there when we needed him for anything. Also, the crew that worked on our home were very precise in everything they did.

5on BirdEye,Apr 21, 2021

Ed and

We had severe water damage to 3 levels of our home from an ice dam in March. Our insurance company got us connected with Del Mar Construction and they fixed all of our problems inside and out with professionalism. Our project manager, Brendan, was always there when we needed him for anything. Also, the crew that worked on our home were very precise in everything they did.

5on Google,Apr 20, 2021


Had wind damage to roof. Hired Del Mar Builders to replace entire roof. They did a great job, finished in 2 days and cleaned everything up to the point you wouldn't think I just had a major construction project done. Their project manager, Brendan B., was courteous, very responsive and stayed involved throughout. I would definitely recommend and would use them again.

5on Google,Apr 20, 2021


I’m completely satisfied with the service I received, Within a day Vance and his team came out inspected and set up repairs in a timely matter, Their crew was fantastic and hard working, I greatly appreciate all the hard work and timely call back for any of concerns. I stand by my word that this is a fantastic company to do business with , thank you to all associates at Del Mar,

5on Google,Apr 19, 2021


After an ice dam issue with the roof they came in to repair the damage done, I was very impressed with the way they handled the repairs and cleanup. I definitely will use them again in future projects.

5on Google,Apr 19, 2021


Great company! Did the job, very professional... highly recommend!

5on Google,Apr 19, 2021


Del Mar to the rescue, my townhouse had water damage and needed thousands of dollars in repairs, after. Filing a claim with my insurance company who recommended Del Mar after the mitigation was done. They were able to rebuild my home with a unbelievable amount of skill. My family is very pleased with the final results. Thanks Del Mar!!!!