Leave it up to professionals when it comes to fire restoration

fire restorationCleaning up after a fire in your home or commercial property should be handled by professionals, no matter the extent of the problem. To start, you may think you do not need hired help after the initial clean-up is complete. However, fire restoration service providers remove the lasting and hidden environmental toxins that deeply penetrate walls, floors, and ceilings. Properly restore your home to a safe and beautiful condition by leaving it up to the professionals.

Biohazards, soot, and smoke

First of all, if you attempt to clean-up your property after a fire, you are at risk of breathing in toxic pollutants like asbestos and formaldehyde. The particles are so small, you would not see them floating in the air or sitting on a surface. However, you may feel them burning your eyes, irritating your skin, or making respiratory diseases like asthma flare up. Therefore, to protect your health, you should work with a professional fire restoration service, like DEL MAR located in Homewood, Illinois, just 30 minutes south of Chicago. Certified professionals are equipped to decontaminate your home safely.

Next, professionals like DEL MAR fully remove the odors and residues left behind by soot and smoke. Soot cannot be cleaned up with a simple broom and dustpan. It takes special equipment to eradicate. Furthermore, smoke lingers without professional removal, leaving the smell of fire behind for years.

Proper care and restoration of belongings

Additionally, DEL MAR skillfully determines which of your personal belongings are salvageable from fire and smoke damage. DEL MAR’s certified content cleaning technicians start by taking an inventory of your items. Then, our staff transports the personal belongings to our specialized facility. It is climate-controlled, with 24-hour video surveillance for your protection. At the facility, our team starts off by cleaning, then deodorizing, and finally packing your belongings with care. When returned to you, your items will be as good as new!

Professionals will handle your insurance claim

Professionals will handle your insurance claim
Finally, when a fire strikes, it is normal to feel overloaded. Dealing with the insurance company is confusing. If you are in Chicagoland, hire DEL MAR’s trained fire restoration team. Our staff ensures our clients understand their homeowners insurance policies. Estimators at DEL MAR work with insurance companies like State Farm, Farmers Insurance, and Liberty Mutual to restore homes to their fullest capacity.


If you have experienced a fire in your home or commercial property, start by contacting DEL MAR. We are available 24 hours a day at 1(800) 298-0900 for emergency callouts. For non-emergency fire restoration services, please visit www.getdelmar.com.

By Holly Kelsven | September 9, 2020 | News
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