Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold can be hard to deal with. It, however, cannot be left untreated as mold can spread rapidly and cause serious issues. Hence, we have covered all you need to know about mold remediation.

5 Steps to Mold Remediation

Mold is an allergen and can result in health issues. Plus, it is also bad for your property. Buyers are less likely to consider a property that is mold infested. Surely, it is possible to deal with mold.

Make Sure It’s Mold

The first step is to identify mold. Here are some of the most common signs of mold:

  • Your heating or air conditioning doesn’t smell good
  • Your tiles look dark and dirty, especially the grout
  • The wallpaper has started to peel
  • You feel sick and have difficulty breathing indoor
  • There are spots on your walls
  • There’s a strange, musty odor that doesn’t go away

These signs indicate the presence of mold but just because you have paint peeling off or a bad smell in your room doesn’t mean you’re dealing with mold. It could be due to other reasons as well. Hence, the best way to be sure is to call a water mold fire restoration Chicago company to inspect your property. They have the tools and expertise needed to do the job. Moreover, they will be able to identify the type of mold you’re dealing with.

The three most common types include cladosporium (brown, black, or green in color), penicillium (green, yellow, or blue in color), and aspergillus (white, gray, or green in color). Not all are dangerous but only an expert can recognize them.

Stay Away From It

Remember the rule: do not touch the mold. You should do all you can to protect yourself from it. Mold contains chemicals that can worsen health issues and can be very dangerous for children, seniors, and people with breathing issues.

Just being close to mold can cause symptoms such as wheezing, lung irritation, runny nose and congestion, eye irritation, skin rash, sneezing, coughing, headache, and sore throat. This is why it is important that you don’t start a DIY mold remediation job.

Call a Professional Agency for Mold Removal

Call a water mold fire restoration Chicago company for mold remediation. Since mold is due to the presence of moisture or liquid damage, a water restoration company can do a good job of correcting it. Moreover, you will need professional help for insurance purposes. Also, mold remediation can be complicated.

You may have to remove entire furniture or large parts of the wall. Furthermore, you may have to repaint the house or repair damaged areas to ensure you face no trouble.

A professional agency will keep a track of everything including the kind of damage suffered, the procedure done to correct it, and any further steps needed to ensure mold doesn’t come back again. In addition, it will help identify other issues that may have appeared due to mold or fire and smoke damage.

Correct the Cause

Merely removing mold is not enough, you must identify the cause and correct it. Mold can grow anywhere – from food to furniture. It usually grows in damp or moist conditions but where’s this moisture coming from? Your water mold fire restoration Chicago company can find the answer.

Some issues are easy to solve. For example, if it is due to standing water in the bathroom, removing it and taking care of drainage will be enough. However, if it is due to faulty pipes or fire restoration then the process can end up being lengthy and costlier.

Clean and Inspect the Area

Once all is done and dusted, clear the area properly. You may have to use disinfectants or vacuum cleaners. The company may do this for you but you’ll still have to inspect the area to ensure the mold doesn’t come back.

By Holly Kelsven | September 22, 2022 | News
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